Who can Establish an Account?
Requirements to become Pre-Screened

We will not recommend specific contractors or installers or equipment or services. We provide consumers guidelines for selecting a professional, contractor or service, and provide those entities with accounts on our site with access to marketing tools and new business opportunity notices. There is no cost for establishing an account, including access to sales leads, use of our customer ratings & reviews service, company profile service, and solar estimating and software tools.

Profiles: Our "Solar Pro" profile services are not limited to solar contractors and installers. We cover many professional services related to renewable energy and energy efficiency. Categories include:

  • Contractors for solar-electric (PV), solar pool and water heating, solar space heating/cooling, solar cookers, ground-source (geothermal) systames, wood/pellet/biomass systems and wind systems.
  • Energy Auditor and Rating services.
  • Weatherization services.
  • Retail and Wholesale solar equipment sales.
  • Solar Engineering and Consulting Services.
  • Solar design and architectural services.
  • Solar system installation services.
  • Solar system after-sale services.
  • Ground-source (Geothermal) energy systems and services.
  • Wood/Pellet/Biomass energy systems and services.
  • Wind energy systems and services.
  • Loans & financial services.
  • Power purchase agreements (PPA).

Who can not establish an account?: If you are an organization that resells or re-purposes sales leads we will reject your account: We provide listings for contractors and professional/technical services. We are not a sales lead "farm" for people that want to collect sales leads for resale or re-purposing. Please see our Terms for penalties and fees that apply to organizations/persons who do not comply with this term.

OEM & Distributor categories:

  • Solar equipment manufacturers (OEM's) and distributors of:
    • Electric (PV) Systems
    • Hot Water Systems
    • Pool/Spa Heating Systems
    • Solar Space Heating/Cooling Systems
    • Solar Cookers
    • Photovoltaic (PV) Modules
    • Tracking, Racks & Mounting Systems
    • Heat Collection/Concentrator Modules
    • Heat Storage
    • Heat Exchangers
    • Electrical Power Inverters
    • Batteries & Electrical Energy Storage
    • Battery Chargers and Charge Control
    • Solar & High-Efficiency Lighting
    • Solar Water Pumping & Handling
    • Measuring & Monitoring
    • Other Equipment or Systems
  • Wind turbine equipment manufacturers (OEM's) and distributors.
  • Ground-Source (Geothermal) equipment manufacturers (OEM's) and distributors.
  • Wood/Pellet/Biomass equipment manufacturers (OEM's) and distributors.

For Solar Pros we offer an optional Pre-Screening service to help you better display your achievements to prospective clients. Our Pre-Screening process checks your profile to insure it meets certain criteria established by us.

If you pass our screen criteria (thereby gaining the Pre-Screened status) you will be offered a special logo (insignia) and link that can be placed on your company Web site, or in other company communications. This logo and link are a means by which customers can take notice of your special status with us.

Any professional person or company can establish an account on our site. If your business also meets the following screening criteria you can be classified as a Pre-Screened Solar Pro. This information is entered and maintained by you in your online profile. This is a password-protected account assigned to you.

  • Your business has been in operation at least 3 years. We can make exceptions if you have equivalent business management (P&L) experience in the same business albeit under a different name. For example, if you operated as a "sole proprietorship" for more than 3 years, but registered your company with the IRS and/or state less than three years ago.
  • Good professional and customer references: Your firm has to provide a minimum of three (3) customer references, in the past 12 months, and those references must result in an AVERAGE ("OK") or better overall rating (2 is considered average on a rating scale from 1 to 4). Customer references must include the customer's name and email address (We use an automated web-based survey system and do not make phone calls). All customer information is kept in accordance to our Privacy Policy. To retain the Pre-Screened insignia you will be asked to update your references at least every 12 months.
  • Your business passes criteria ("Checks Out") established by ContractorCheck.com. If your business is not listed with ContractorCheck.com, you must certify that (1) your accounts are current with creditors (no liens or disputes in past 5 years), (2) you have not filed for bankruptcy in the past 7 years, and (3) your licensing details are listed in your profile. We will review your status with ContractorCheck.com at least once per year.
  • You have verified your application ("Profile") information and the Application Terms. We use a paperless system whereby you digitally sign and approve your profile in accordance to our Terms when it is originated, and each time it is edited.

By agreeing to the Application Terms and Conditions you certify that the information provided by you on our site is true and correct. We reserve the right, but not the obligation, to screen ("verify") your information using any means available to us. Notice: We may screen ("verify") selected information you provide through third-parties services such as Experian, Equifax, Dunn & Bradstreet, FICO, local and state licensing agencies, and customer references.