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Solar Power Calculator Solar Estimate incorporates a solar power calculator that calculates a number of important things for consumers and is a great first step if you are considering going solar. First of all the solar power calculator incorporates the solar production data for each location in the country that has been produced by the clever folks at the NREL facility. This data, known as PV Watts, is great but it does not really provide everything a consumer needs to know.
A consumer considering going solar typically wants to know the following things:

  1. What size solar system they need to cover their utility bill
  2. What size solar system can fit on their roof;
  3. How much does the solar panels they need cost;
  4. What would be their return on investment if they were to buy such a solar power system; 
  5. The solar incentives, solar rebates, tax credits and feed in tariff they are likely to get; and
  6. Whether or not they are eligible for a zero down lease or finance product and if so will the power bill savings cover the cost of the monthly solar lease repayments.

Whilst the PV watts data tells you how much solar you can fit on your roof and what solar power is likely to be generated by that number of solar panels it does not provide any information about the cost of solar, the rebates available to the consumer based on their location and utility, or the likely financial impacts of a lease or PPA option. The solar power calculator provided on this site provides all of this information and it also puts you in touch with one local installer in your zipcode that will confirm whether the ballpark numbers given by the solar power calculator will be accurate in the real world. (Although the Solar Estimate solar power calculator is great nothing replaces the opinion of a good local solar installer). The solar power calculator will give you live pricing from a local installer but most of these installers require us to verify your address and phone number before displaying you this information.

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