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How the solar calculator and solar savings estimator calculates solar panels cost, system size and solar savings for your home?

For a solar panel calculator to be useful it needs to produce solar panel cost and solar savings calculations tailored to your home. The Solar Estimate solar calculator is the only online solar estimator that does this. By entering just your zip code and power bill, the solar calculator converts your electricity bill to kilowatt hours of electricity usage, works out system size and then shows solar panel cost from solar providers near you based on live current solar offers. Its accurate solar production calculations and access to live solar prices in each city make it the #1 way that American homeowners start the process of evaluating solar and collecting solar quotes.

Step 1: Our solar energy cost calculator starts with our solar panel production (kWh) calculator

Our most popular solar calculator helps you compare the 3 best solar prices from highly rated solar installers in your city.



Calculate how many solar panels needed to power your house
Solar system size calculator
Solar panel production calculator

Step 2: Solar panel production (kwh per kilowatt) calculator

Our solar estimator calculates how much power a given sized array of solar panels will produce given your location. This is a first step in calculating solar power system cost.

We first calculate your power usage in kWh from your monthly power spend (see above) from our database of each utility companies electric rates.

Then, by using our database of solar irradiation for each zip code in America from the PV Watt solar calculator, we calculate how much power output you can expect to get from each kW (peak DC) of solar panels installed on your home. Knowing these two things we then estimate a system size that will cover 100% of your bill.


Calculate my solar production

Step 3: How our solar calculator calculates solar power system cost

Once we have estimated the size of system you need to cover 100% of our electric spend the solar calculator calculates how much roof space you will need to be able to install this system.


Calculate the square feet of solar rooftop I will need for my solar power system
Solar roof space calculator
Solar system cost calculator

Solar power system cost calculator

So far we know how many solar panels you need and how many square feet of space you need now we need to know home much the solar panels for your home will cost. We get this data from live current solar prices posted on our website by solar companies in your city. This is why our solar estimator is the best in the US for homeowners to get an accurate estimate of cost.


What's my cost to install solar panels?

Solar incentives calculator

Solar Estimate has the only solar calculator that includes full, up-to-date details of local incentives in its calculations as well as the 30% Federal solar tax credit. The inclusion of local incentives in these calculations often makes a significant difference to the actual return on investment and payback period you get from solar.


What solar incentives apply to me and what is their value?
Solar incentives calculator
Solar savings calculator

Solar energy savings calculator

We calculate solar savings by calculating the avoided utility bills over the 25 year life of solar energy systems life of a system.



Estimate my solar savings

New features in our solar power calculator

A number or upgrades were added to the Solar-Estimate solar calculator in 2018 including:

Solar Lease and Loan Calculator - calculates monthly payments for free solar and zero down offers and both first month and 25 year solar savings given current solar panel cost.

Solar PPA calculator - calculates your savings for a given PPA contact and compares them to the savings if you were to purchase the same solar power system outright given current solar power system cost.

For information about specific solar calculations visit our solar calculations explained page.

New features in the solar calculator