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How much do solar panel kits cost?

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As with fully installed solar power systems there is also a variance in price in solar panels kits based on who is selling the kit and what brand of solar panels and inverters come in the kit.

There is also a variance in price based on what other equipment (such as racking to attach your solar panels to your roof) comes in the kit.

Generally solar panel kit prices fluctuate in a range from around $1.50 per watt to around $2.20 per watt depending on:

  • What solar panels are included in the solar panel kit;
  • What inverter is included in the kit;
  • Whether other necessary equipment such as racking and sundry electrical items required to install the kit are included; and
  • Whether delivery is included in the kits price;

To find out more about solar panels kits and the pros and cons of DIY solar projects visit our solar kits page. This page shows you how to compare one kit to another and the things you need to look out for when purchasing solar panels kits.


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