Cost of solar in Fallbrook, CA

Electricity Consumption in Fallbrook

Electricity Consumption by California residents averages 573 kWh per month. It ranks #2 in the nation for savings from installing solar panels on the home.

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Solar power in Fallbrook, California

Fallbrook residents and business owners can take full advantage of San Diego Gas & Electric's net metering program. Net metering requires your utility to credit you 1 for 1 for each kWh of excess solar generation sent to the grid and for each kWh after your electric bill from at night/cloudy days etc SDG&E will pay you full retail value for. When more power is produced than drawn from the grid these credits can be used against a future bill or SDG&E can write you a check. In sunny Fallbrook where solar produces upwards of 50% more power than in northern states net metering will put some serious cash in your pocket. With the new NEM-2 regulations new solar customers must switch to time of use billing damaging returns by about 10% fortunately, the decrease in solar equipment prices and Fallbrook receiving so much sun solar is still one of the best investments a homeowner here can make. There is also the 30% federal solar tax credit, this incentive can be spread over many years and has no size limits. With utilities and several legislatures trying to kill off solar and its incentives don't wait around!

Even if you are not convinced about solar we recommend that at the very least you use the solar panel calculator for Fallbrook to find out:

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Solar power in California

The average cost of installing residential solar panels in Fallbrook, California in 2020 is $2.72 per watt. The average system size in the US is 6 kilowatts, which means the average price of a solar system in Fallbrook, CA is $13,600. (before claiming 26% tax credit and other rebates)

What does the cost of a real solar system look like?

Facts about installing a 11.3kW solar system in Fallbrook, CA

This system would offset 100% of your energy usage if your typical monthly bill is $296, however your situation may vary so try our Fallbrook solar calculator to get a result tailored to you.


Net cost of system
Cash - after 26% solar tax credit

5 Years 3 Months

Average payback time


Annual power production


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If you don't get solar
The forecast average utility price over the next 25 years

Cash flow graph based on cash purchase of this 11.3kW system

Life-time savings on this system over the next 25 years


(Prices shown after repayments of capital)



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Average total cost of solar panel installation in California

System Size Cash purchase
After 26% solar tax credit
Financed purchase
After 26% solar tax credit
3kw $6,416 $6,929
4kw $8,377 $9,047
5kw $10,286 $11,109
6kw $12,077 $13,043
7kw $13,831 $14,937
8kw $15,451 $16,687
9kw $17,050 $18,414
10kw $18,500 $19,980


Going solar in California

Check out all of the ways energy providers of California can help you be more energy efficient and save money.

The following programs are available:
Incentive Name Eligibility Type
Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit Federal Personal Tax Credit
Property Tax Exclusion for Solar Energy Systems State Property Tax Incentive
Sonoma County - Energy Independence Program Local PACE Financing
NEM 2.0 State Net Metering

Please keep in mind that the best source of up-to-date information on incentives are the solar installers who specialize in your area.