How much do solar panels cost

Solar Estimate is a unique site in the American solar industry because it allows consumers to get an accurate idea of how much solar panels cost to install  for home via an online solar estimate.

All you have to do is enter your address, contact details, the utility company you are with and your monthly power bill.

The solar panel calculator will then calculate how many solar panels you need to cover this bill and then will answer the questions, how much do solar panels cost based on industry average solar pricing data. We get this industry average solar pricing data from 2 sources.  Information is provided by approximately 300 solar installers around the country and also based on consumer feedback from America's leading solar discussion forum website.

The Solar Calculator then also shows you what solar rebates and other solar incentives  are available to you and shows what your returns and payback period is likely to be if you choose to go solar.

Then, by adding a contact phone number to the form below, 1 (one only!!) solar installer will contact you and give you an opinion as to whether our online ballpark solar estimate is likely to be accurate for you. Your contact details are not sold or shared with anyone else.

Happy shopping. solar is great !!

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