Solar panel cost, savings, rebate and payback calculations tailored for your home

Solar panel cost, savings, rebate and payback calculations tailored for your home

Why solar calculations are important?

We can help educate you about solar and what you really need so that you can recognize exploitative solar sales tactics and make the right decision about solar for your own situation.

To do this we provide you with access to a range of solar calculators so that you are able to do your own solar calculations.

Your choice of solar calculations and information

Different people want to know different information which is why we have tailored a number of different solar calculators that will do just the solar calculations you are interested in:

Residential Solar calculator and Quote Comparison Tool

This is our flagship product for residential solar calculations, used by 90% of users of our website.

It shows everything you could possibly want to know about installing solar panels on your home. It requires a lot of information but because of this is can do a wide range of solar calculations and also get quotes for you from 3 of the best solar companies in your area.

Explain the different solar financing options to me

Solar calculator

The solar savings you can expect from a cash purchase of solar panels based on their production and the costs of your utility.

Investment return and payback period from installing solar:

  • The square feet of roof space you will need to install enough solar panels to zero out your power bill.
  • A quote from 3 of the best local solar companies that service your location (this is why we need to take your contact details as solar companies will not release their pricing until they verify you're a genuine potential customer)
Solar panels calculator

This allows you to do the same calculations as above but without being able to view live system prices and without getting quotes from local installers. The calculations are less accurate because they use historical pricing information but they are still more accurate than any other solar calculator on the internet in terms of their estimation of solar costs, financial incentives and rebates, and your potential savings and payback period.