Solar-Estimate's ballpark solar estimate helps you decide if you should compare prices from solar companies near you

If you're considering a solar power system for your home, it is natural to want a ballpark estimate of the economics of solar before deciding if it's worth speaking to solar companies.

However, most solar price comparison websites lack the back-end technology — and the dedication to consumer education — to deliver a meaningful solar estimate. They are simplistic and don't take into account the different climatic conditions, utility electric rates or local solar prices that make the economics of solar different from one home to another.

The price comparison marketplace, on the other hand, does have the technology to tailor your estimate to your circumstances. Our solar power cost and savings calculator is surprisingly accurate given how little information it requires. It only requires you to enter your address and the $$ value of your monthly power bill to generate an estimate. The estimate gives you a good ballpark idea of:

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How trustworthy are calculations? is part of the Solar Investments Inc group.

We have an extensive, multidisciplinary, expert solar calculations team, including solar designers, electrical engineers, financial analysts and experienced solar installers. also partners with Genability for some of its more complex solar calculations. The Genability electric bill and solar savings forecasting engine has been audited for accuracy by the government’s National Renewable Energy Laboratories. This is particularly useful for California, where time of use (TOU) electric billing is now the norm for the 3 large investor-owned utilities.

Estimate solar savings and compare prices from solar companies near you

Estimate solar savings and compare prices from solar companies near you