How did you calculate my energy usage?

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Our initial calculation for kWh of electricity used assumes a "base rate" (average $/kWh) is billed to you each month by your utility. Other taxes and surcharges may be applied to your utility bill. Or, you may be billed a "tiered" or "time-of-use" rate. We suggest you review a recent utility bill. Then change the "Assumed Electric Rate" and/or "Average Monthly Usage" in the Solar Estimator to better match your situation.

Look at your utility bill. If it indicates you are using more than your baseline amount, you may also be billed a tiered rate. A tiered rate may be higher than the baseline rate. If this is your situation, installing a renewable energy system may help reduce your bill even more than what is indicated by this simplified estimator.

Net-metering and Time-of-Use metering, if available, can help to reduce your utility bills further, when combined with solar power. A renewable energy Professional or a utility representative can help you better understand your specific situation and options available to you.

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Calculate cost, savings and compare solar quotes online

Calculate cost, savings and compare solar quotes online